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Arthritis Treatment a End or a new Start

January 16, 2010 in Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a de-generative disease which affect joints of body, out of which most common is Osteoarthritis or Knee Arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis are acute pain, irritation, stiff joints, crackling noise and ligament injury. The main cause behind arthritis is old age but it could be because of genes, obesity, tearing of ligaments and others.

Osteoarthritis disease is found in 11% of world population and growing at 8% per year, still with no solution. The general treatments are knee surgery, medicines, yoga, accupuncture and many more, still without a permanent solution.

Only treatment and cure recommended by is lifestyle modification, suggest reduced walking but more exercises and stretching while sitting to put less stress on knee joint. According to, this disease found where fluoride content in water is high, flouride affects generation of synovial fluid (water content in ligaments) and thus reduces elasticity of ligaments.

Reduced elasticity results to ligaments injury which affects joint movement and lead to osteoarthritis. recommends to do excercises like to and fro movement of legs and stretching while sitting which ease stiffed ligaments and prevents further damage. Cure2Arthritis provide a caliper to do excercise in right direction so that knee replacement can be avoided. Knee replacement is suitable for people for aged 60 and above, knee replacement has a life of 10 to 15 years and again problem is same a permanent cure. We also suggest to test your drinking water to avoid further damage.

So, better to avoid stress on knee, do more stretching and excercise to put an end to the begining.

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