Best Arthritis joint pain relief program to cure Arthritis in 2011- a perfect arthritis diet schedule, arthritis exercise schedule and reverse your arthritis pain by 2011

December 31, 2010 in Arthritis diet, Exercises, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cure your arthritis by following 10 simple steps in 2011 and get relief from arthritis joint pain by 2011

1. Drink 2.25 lts of water daily, it will help in maintaining hydration level in the body which is good for cartilage around joints. Try to eat fruits that are juicy and rich in lean protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc.

2. Eat food that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this includes Flaxseeds, olive oil, 10. soybeans, walnuts, hemp seeds and dark leafy vegetables. Non-vegetarian diet includes cold water fish like tuna, halibut, herring and salmon. (Try to cook less as omega-3 fats are likely to be dissolved from heating, light, oxygen and storage.)
(Note- For Arthritis Diet plan click here – Arthritis Diet patients program 2011)

3. Follow a regular arthritis exercise plan to regain motion and lose weight.
(Note- For Exercise plan click here – Exercise for Arthritis patients program 2011)

4. Talk to your doctor for suitable arthritis homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatments are very effective for some arthritis patients.

5. Put ice on joints with inflammation (do not keep ice directly on skin) for 15 to 20 mins. It will ease arthritis joint pain and would certain relieve joint pain. (Do not massage on areas of inflammation)

6. You can use heating ailments on joints when your inflammation on joints is completely controlled.

7. Say a complete No to Tea and coffee to cure your arthritis in 2011. You can drink Lemon tea, Ginger tea, Calcium Lactate and other herbal tea to cure arthritis and say no to arthritis pain.

8. Avoid nightshade vegetables and take garlic & ginger rich diet.

9. Learn swimming, swimming is one of the best exercise for all arthritis patients.

10. Try to do yoga and meditation, do not sleep on a soft mattress and chairs.

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Osteo arthritis and Arthritis Knee Exercise Program to cure osteo arthritis or knee arthritis in 2011

December 30, 2010 in Exercises, Osteoarthritis

Regular exercise is very important to cure arthritis and to prevent arthritis in old and early age. It is important to select and find suitable exercise for arthritis knee pain relief, arthritis back pain relief and arthritis neck pain relief. We are providing a schedule for arthritis exercise plan 2011 suitable for people with arthritis knee pain.

It should be noted arthritis exercise do not improve your condition in one day and exercise takes long time to see & feel noticeable improvements (it depend from person to person and arthritis stage). Arthritis patients should continue with following exercises to see their improvement in arthritis pain relief by 2011.

1. Arthritis Knee exercise with resistance band on chair or stool

Tie a resistance band (It could be a towel or any stretchable band  also) on your ankle as shown in picture below. Try to keep posture    straight and support back with your hand. Now try to straight your leg as direction of arrow in picture, try to hold at highest point and count  1 to 5. Do this exercise with both legs and make 10 repeatations.
Arthritis Knee exercise with band

2. Ankle exercise for hamstring
Sit on chair, position your knee and hold your thigh as shown in picture. Pull your ankle upwards as shown in picture and count 1 to 5 and make 10 repeatations with each ankle.

Ankle Exercise for arthritis

3. Arthritis knee joint exercise with towel
Roll the towel and keep it below your knee joint as shown in picture and push your knee downwards. Hold your knee while pushing and count 1 to 5 and make 10 repeatations with each ankle.

Arthritis knee joint exercise with towel

4. Arthritis Heel exercise for joint pain with chair
Keep your hand on chair and make upward movement of your heel as shown in picture. Hold your heels and count 1 to 5 and make 10 repeatations.

Arthritis knee exercise with chair

5. Arthritis Knee joint exercise with chair
Bend your knee while holding chair as shown in picture and count 1 to 5 with 10 repeatations for both legs.

Arthritis knee joint exercise with chair

6. Arthritis Knee joint exercise on floor and bed
Lay down on bed or floor and bend your knee towards hip and again straighten your leg as shown in picture. Make 20 repeatation with each leg.

Knee Stretching Exercise on floor

7. Arthritis Quadricep stretching exercise
Hold your heel with your hand and count 1 to 5 and try to do as many as possible.

Arthritis knee bending exercise

8. Arthritis calf exercise against wall
Keep both of your hands on wall and position one leg forward and other leg backwards as shown in picture. Push the wall and count 1 to 5 and make 10 repeatations with one leg forward and one leg backwards. Change leg backward and forward.

Arthritis Knee joint exercie with wall

9. Arthritis Knee Joint exercise with ball
Take a ball keep it under the knee as shown in picture and try to press the ball by knee. Hold and count 1 to 5 and make 10 repeatations with both leg, You can also do this exercise sitting on chair also.

Arthritis knee joint exercise with ball

10. Arthritis knee and hip resistance exercise
Keep your one hand on chair or table and make side upward movement of leg as shown in picture. Hold your leg and count 1 to 3 and make 10 repeatations with both legs.

Arthritis knee joint exercise with chair

11. Arthritis leg straightening and lifting exercise
Lay down on floor and bend your knee towards hip as shown in picture and straight your knee. Hold your leg and count 1 to 3 and make 10 repeatations with each leg.

Arthritis knee exercir straight leg

12. Arthritis leg side lying and lifting exercise
Lay down on floor and turn side ways. Lift your leg as shown in picture and hold your leg while count 1 to 3 and make 10 repeatations with each leg.
Arthritis knee side lying exercise

These exercise are going to work for every osteo arthritis patient and try to increase repeatations with time.  For any specific problem you can email me at or
We will be submitting Arthritis Back Exercise Program 2011, Arthritis Hand Exercise Program 2011
and Arthritis Neck Exercise Program 2011 in Jan 2011. So visit regularly to know more.

You can also view older arthritis knee program for 2010 on following link


New exercises added on 1 march 2011

Types of Knee Exercises

There are mainly three types of knee exercises, they are Balancing exercises, Stretching exercises and Strengthening exercises. They help you in increasing flexibility, muscle strength, keeping weight under check, align joints of the body and strength to ligaments.

Knee Balancing Exercises for Osteo Arthritis knee joint pain– These exercises help in improving balance of joints and their position. These exercises are designed and tested scientifically to prevent any accident or injury, You can initially start with 5 minutes and make an efffort to increase them to 15 mins after 2 months of regular exercise.

1) Leg Balance for Osteo Arthritis–   The key of this exercise is to stand on one leg and maintain balance of body for 45 seconds while holding one leg. Please start with right leg and continue with left leg, you have to increase your balance from 45 second to 60 seconds in one month.

2) Balance on leg with ball for Osteo Arthritis– You have to stand on one leg as shown in picture and take a ball beneath your knee and try to maintain body balance of the body. Do same with other leg also.
3) Side knee exercise with ball– Stand on one leg as shown in picture, move your hand to other side as shown in picture while maintaining balance of the body. Repeat this exercise with other leg also.
4) Single leg balance jump sideways– Stand on one leg and maintain body balance, now jump on the points that are shown in picture. Pause for 4 second after every jump and repeat this exercise with other leg also.

5) Bend exercise for Osteo Arthritis knee joint – Keep your hands on your hips and distant your legs as shown in picture below. Now bend your knees upto 90 degrees and hold for 4 seconds. Note- Do not bend you body forward or backward, you have to only make movement around knees. This is very effective exercise for osteo arthritis affected people.
Bend exercise for knee joint osteo arthritis

Stretching exercises for Osteo Arthritis– Stretching exercises are very important to increase flexibility and range of motion for knee joints of arthritis patients. These exercises are designed and selected scientifically to increase movement and range of motion for both joints & muscles. Stretching exercises reduces chances of further knee joint damage and they warm up joints to relax and maintain continuous movement of joints during the day. Stretching exercises are very important to reduce the stiffness in the joints that are mostly felt during morning. We would recommend you to consult physiotherapist or doctor if you have been injured in recent days.

6. Hamstring Stretch Knee Exercise for Osteo Arthritis Knee Joint-
Take any chair or stool and keep your foot on it. Now you have to lean in forward direction by hip till you feel mild stretch or jerk in the back, Hold in the same position for 15 seconds and repeat with both legs for 4 times. Note- You have to keep your back and knee straight during the process.

Hamstring Stretch Knee Exercise for Osteo Arthritis Knee Joint

7. Adductor Stretch for lower back and arthritis knee joint- Keep your back and keep your legs apart as shown in picture below. Now slowly & gently move lunge to one side until you feel mild stretch while keeping the other leg straight. Hold in the same position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat it 4 times both sides.

Adductor Stretch for lower back and arthritis knee joint

8. Osteo Arthritis Knee bent stretch on floor- Sit on floor and keep your hands a little above ankle as shown in picture and join your ankles. Now try to push your knees with support of your hands towards floor exactly as shown in picture and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat same 5 times

Knee bent stretch exercise on floor

9. Back Side stretch for Osteo arthritis knee and back- Stand straight and cross your legs as shown in picture. Keep your hands above hip and push your back with your hands on one side and hold in this position for 12 seconds and repeat this exercise with both sides 4 times. This exercise is good for people with initial symptoms of arthritis in back and knee.

Back Side stretch exercise for arthritis knee and back

10. Side arthritis knee exercise- Keep your one hand on chair or table and raise your one leg to one side as shown in picture. Hold here for 5 seconds and repeat this exercise with both legs 10 times.
Side arthritis knee exercise

Strengthening exercises

11. Osteo Arthritis Knee and ankle exercise with towel- Stand straight and keep both of your hands on chair or table. Tie stretchable towel or band to leg and chair as shown in picture, now kick backwards and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times with both legs.

Knee and ankle exercise for arthritis with towel

12. Osteo Arthritis Knee Strengthening exercise with weight- Sit on chair and tie some weight (upto 500 gms) on leg. Now straighten your leg as shown in picture and hold for 5 second or count 1 to 5. Repeat this exercise with alternate legs and make 10 repetitions.

Osteo Arthritis Knee Strengthening exercise with weight

13. Osteo Arthritis Knees stretches exercise with weight- Keep your one leg forward with weight in your hand and slowly bend your back knee towards floor. Again make your back knee straight and repeat this exercise with alternate legs and make 10 repetitions.

Osteo Arthritis Knees stretches with weight

Note: Other Strengthening exercise are mentioned on top of this page.

These exercises are meant to cure your arthritis in a better and effective way. These osteo arthritis knee exercises are one of the most effective and natural treatment for osteo arthritis patients who suffer from pain in their knee joints. Regular exercise will keep you fit and avoid further damage around their knee joints.

Some important points to note before beginning your osteo arthritis knee exercise schedule-

1. You can use heat pads before starting your knee exercise schedule.
2. Begin with light weights such as 500 gms to 750 gms in initial knee exercise phase.
3. You should do particular exercise in which you feel pain initially.
4. Try to increase the exercise time.
5. You can use cold packs on joints after 15 minutes of exercise.
6. Choose from the above mentioned osteo arthritis knee joint exercise which you feel comfortable with.

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Cure your diabetes to get Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis cured- Diabetes and Sugar a bigger problem for arthritis than it looks

December 22, 2010 in Arthritis diet, Diet

People with arthritis feel that fats and weight is the main reason behind arthritis in body. But arthritis science in 2011 do not agree, the actual factor that affects arthritis in 2011 is sugar level than weight in arthritis. The nutrition team of cure2arthritis describes carbohydrates are more harmful than fats, people avoids high fat content but forget that all carbohydrates convert into sugar.

Actually Carbohydrates increases the sugar content in blood and force pancreas to produce more and more insulin, insulin turns sugar into body cells. When the process is repeated continuously for longer run and heavy load of carbohydrates, the body cell becomes insulin resistant and pancreas exhale more and more insulin to cover the same amount of insulin. This is where diabetes starts and arthritis connects later on.

Carbohydrates are burnt before fats in body and when they are not burnt they are stored as fats. When a diabetic or arthritis patient cuts Carbohydrates sugar stored in blood cells are used as source of energy and pancreas gets a break, the sugar level stabilizes and fats starts burning. That is how diet works for both arthritis and diabetics.

Diabetics in the later stage affects the metabolism of body and majorly affects development of synovial fluid and joints. Avoid carbohydrates and prevent diabetics to get cure for arthritis in 2011.

Diabetes and arthritis are inter-related, avoid carbohydrates to drop sugar level and cure diabetes. Carbohydrates is converted into fats and is a major cause for arthritis in 2011.

Diet plan for arthritis in 2011
Food to be Avoid in arthritis diet (Not to intake in arthritis diet, and nightshade vegetable list)

* Sweetners- brown, white and all kinds of sugar
* Dairy Products- Milk and Butter.
* Bread, pastries, pasta, corn and food additives.
* Tea, coffee, salt and red meat.
* Fast food, packaged food and Inorganic foods.
* Tomatoes, potatoes and other Nightshade Vegetables

Food suitable for arthritis diet plan in 2011

* Green vegetables, fruits, stem vegetables, leafy vegetables.
* Groundnuts, peanuts, saffron and almonds.
* Fishes- tuna, Salmon, whitefish and others
* Mushroom, turmeric, lemon tea and green tea.
* Fruits rich in vitamin C like orange, peach, berries and other fruits.
* Apples and green herbs

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My dad now avoid nightshade vegetables in arthritis pain, quit smoking, polished rice & Ice cream and has a perfect diet to cure his arthritis in 2011.

December 10, 2010 in Arthritis diet, Diet

nightshade vegetables to be avioded in arthritisMy dad is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with severe arthritis pain in knee joint, which is commonly known as Osteo Arthritis. Now he has a trust factor on me as he got some positive results after leaving Ice cream, now he is asking me for a diet which could help in reducing joints pain of osteo arthritis and get a perfect arthritis cure.

I asked him to avoid nightshade vegetables, as they are very harmful in osteo arthritis and also in rheumatoid arthritis. I told him that nightshade vegetables are those vegetables that grow in night, these vegetables contains a natural chemical solanine. Solanine is a gift of nature to vegetables that grows in night to prevent people from eating them. Solanine is actually toxic in nature and is found to be a major factor in increasing joint pain in the body. So nightshade vegetables should be avoided in all forms of arthritis.

My dad is now showing a sort of interest in knowing more about nightshade vegetables, I told him about list of vegetables included in nightshade vegetables category are Peppers, Potatoes, Ground Cherries, capsicum, Tobacco, Eggplant, pepinos and pimentos, Garden Huckleberry, naranjillas and some other vegetables. Note: Only White potatoes, yellow fingerlings, and blue potatoes are included in nightshade vegetable group

I also asked him to quit his smoking habit in osteo arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking is also a major factor which reduces synovial fluid and makes joint stiff. Smoking is very harmful in arthritis and must be avoided. My dad also loves rice and when I asked him to replaced polished rice with Brown rice, he was not actually happy with me. But I asked him to follow my instructions to avoid nightshade vegetable, tobacco, ketchup, smoking and Polished rice in arthritis diet for only few days.

My dad is actually not happy with me and I know he is very stubborn, he angrily ask me nothing is left to eat in arthritis joint pain. I was prepared for this statement and I readily provide him the list of vegetables diet for arthritis pain relief and the list includes Green Beans, Okra (Lady Finger), Cauliflower, Carrots, Green Lettuce, Asparagus, Spinach, Soybeans, meat(not red meat), black-eyed peas, lentils and other Starchy Root Vegetables.

The fruits suitable in arthritis joint pain relief includes melons, peaches, cherries (not ground cherries), blueberries Arctium Lappa Fruit, guava, mango, all varieties of grapes and oranges.

Dry fruits suitable for people with arthritis pain includes only  Peanuts and almonds.

Now he has answer, what to eat in arthritis and what not to eat with arthritis joint pain. Lets hope that all people suffering from arthritis should avoid nightshade vegetable, tobacco, smoking and Polished rice to get a positive results for their arthritis joint pain and eat what is recommended in this blog to get perfect cure 2011 for arthritis joint pain.


Blog for nightshade vegetables list extended on 2 March 2011-


Detection of Nightshade vegetables list- The vegetables with 0.2 mg/g or lesser quantity of solanine content can be taken without any can be included in arthritis diet. The bitter taste of vegetables also indicate high amount of solanine content concentration in them. Mild poisons and chemical found in Nightshade vegetables are solanine, atropine, acetylcholine, glycoalkaloid and atropineor scopolamine. Some people have lower effects only because of high resistance power and digestion.


Side Effects of Nightshade vegetables on arthritis


1. The solanine is a poison that is found in nightshade vegetables, it causes complications in the digestive system, nervous system, circulation of blood and respiratory system are main symptoms for arthritis.


2. The nightshade vegetables are one of main reasons behind psoriasis, another symptom of arthritis.


3. Solanine in nightshade vegetables has narcotic properties, the leaves of nightshade vegetables are rich in it. They are also used as insecticides to kill insects and flies in farms because of their fungicidal and pesticidal properties. Believe us, they are dangerous and should be avoided by arthritis patients.


4. Psoriasis, one of the main symptom for Rheumatoid arthritis is aggravated in body because of Nightshade vegetables. Solanine is main reason for inflammation in joints & body and it acts as inflammation agent in the body which further leads to Rheumatoid arthritis in later stage.


5. Solanine in Nightshade vegetables is responsible for mediating and lowering impulse for skeletal-muscle control in the body which leads to lower down the strength of muscles and bones. This is observed mostly in case of cervical spondylosis or neck arthritis.


6. It also leads to aggravate and stimulate sympathetic emotions in the patient.


7. High temperature in body (one of the main symptom for arthritis) is result of reduced sweating is also due to Solanine concentration of Nightshade vegetables family.


8. Patients also suffer from increased rate of heart beats and respiration problems are result of atropine content found in Nightshade vegetable.


9. Stomach lavage is also generally due to intake of high amount of Nightshade vegetables.


10. Problem in Colon (digestive system of body) is the main reason for spread of arthritis and joint pain in the body is also because of Nightshade vegetables family.


11. Gastric problems and stomach cramps are result of indigestion in body due to Nightshade vegetables.


12. Neurological disorders also occurs in the later stages.


13. Loss of sensation around the joints specially in cervical spondylosis or neck arthritis is result of Nightshade vegetables.


14. High amount of solanine in body can also result into death.


15. Problem due to solanine is generally misguided by doctor as gastroenteritis in case of excessive vomiting and diarrhea.


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Viscosupplementation treatment review for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, a complete analysis and review of role of Viscosupplementation Injection in joint pain relief.

November 29, 2010 in Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis Supplements

review of synovial fluid supplements

Viscosupplementation review for osteo arthritis patients

Some of doctors claim Viscosupplementation to be very useful for osteoarthritis for arthritis pain relief. However, cure2arthritis team felt that, this injection might have major side affects on osteo arthritis knee joint. The team found that Viscosupplementation injection has a high profit margin for pharmacist, so team held a complete research and analysis of Viscosupplementation process. Cure2arthritis team talked to 93 patients who were injected with a complete dose of Viscosupplementation.

The most common symptoms and side effects among all arthritis patients after Viscosupplementation were swelling, allergies like itching, rashness & redishness and reflects initial effusion. The major point for Viscosupplementation review by team was “Arthritis patients with skin infections have shown major reaction and wounds at injected place”. Usually arthritis patients are more prone to slow recovery from injuries & wounds and the injected place of Viscosupplementation have resulted in trauma and major reactions in osteo arthritis patients around their knee joints. The Viscosupplementation had eased some pain in knee joint only for initial 45 to 60 days with no major signs of improvement. However, other supplement ease pain and joint movement for only 30 to 40 days, so it is an advanced version of other synovial fluid supplements.

The process of Viscosupplementation should be done by specialist doctors and not general doctors, their assistant and nurse. It was commonly found that the process of Viscosupplementation is actually conducted by osteo arthritis doctor’s assistants and they are not able to inject the fluid at right point of arthritis affected joints, which has further worsen the situation of patients with knee joint pain.

In one line Viscosupplementation is not much different from other injections, it is only an advanced version of other synovial fluid supplements. This injection is promoted much because of high profit margin, our recommendation for all Rheumatiod arthritis and osteo arthritis patients would to use Viscosupplementation only when you do not have any substitute for joint operation. It is an always smart move to give a try to all substitutes before the knee joint operation as the success ratio for knee joint operation is below 40 percent.

We suggest to cure osteo and rheumatoid arthritis naturally, by taking a balanced diet with suitable exercise and limited medicines which are explained in other sections.

My dad says he loves Icecream and I say so you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, a must prevent diet for rheumatoid arthritis patients

November 21, 2010 in Arthritis diet, Rheumatoid Arthritis

SideEffect of ice cream on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Icecream facts and effect on arthritis

Like all people in their 60’s, my dad also loves Ice cream. Chocolate, strawberry and mango are his favorite flavor which he eats regularly since his late 30’s but he is also suffering from initial arthritis since his early 40’s. He has now severe pain in neck and lower back because of rheumatoid arthritis, he is also struggling with knee joint arthritis pain.

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Is this a similar case with your near and dear one, please check that they are not eating food stuff like Ice cream, my dad has suffered a lot and I don’t want anyone to suffer from arthritis pain. I am trying my dad to make him understand that ice cream is not good for his health and his arthritis symptoms reflect that clearly. Ice cream is a the actual cause behind his initial symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis.

Ice creams can be classified into natural Ice cream and conventional Ice cream. There is a fine between a healthy and harmful ice cream which can be explained as

Conventional  Ice cream contains added flavors which are made of chemicals like Diethylglycol, Aldehydec-17, Amylacetate, Butyraldehyde, Benzyl Acetate and other chemical to give a particular flavor. These chemicals are toxic in nature and harms body system and is a major reason or symptom behind rheumatoid arthritis. These chemicals are found to be major reason behind rheumatoid arthritis symptoms found in the patients. In one word rheumatoid arthritis should avoid icecream from their diet.

Natural Ice cream is made up of milk and natural pulp of fruits like strawberry, cherry, mango, banana, grapes, various fruit juice and other organic ingredients. So far natural ice cream looks good, but the figures tells that this ice cream contains high fat ratio and sugar which is not good for arthritis patients.

In a single line natural ice cream with less milk might not harm as a natural ice cream(high fat content) and conventional Ice cream would do, they are certainly not good for arthritis patients. However Ice gives pain relief to rheumatoid arthritis patients when applied externally.

So, please try to avoid ice cream and make ice a part rheumatoid arthritis prevention not a cause.

content of ice cream

content of ice cream

ice cream comparison with other foods

ice cream nutrition analysis

Detect arthritis, check symptoms at home

November 11, 2010 in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis team analyzed all factors for which patients initially visit doctor’s clinic. Our team found that the patient’s initial visit was because of following reasons

1. Musculoskeletal or Connective tissue disease

2. Diseases of the skin

3. High blood pressure

initial arthritis symptoms for doctor visit

tissue problem, symptom for arthritis patient


genetical structure of arthritis patients

genetical affect and arthritis

The following chart depict the number of patients added each year.

Analysis of arthritis in USA population

arthritis chart, it reflects number of patients added each year

The purpose of analysis is to reflect the growing arthritis problem and bring awareness among the people. This is only the second step and join as a member to stay connected.

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Cure Your Rheumatoid Arthritis – Alcohol, a Possible Treatment to an Impossible Disease

October 2, 2010 in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Every patient suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis is searching for alternative remedy, which could lower down growth of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in the body. A recent research by states that the people who intake 10 units (not more or less) of alcohol a week have reduced the severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis in body.

In this research, RA patients were initially divided into two groups, First group include those patients who do not take or have alcohol infrequently and the second group include those patients who take alcohol frequently (10 units of alcohol a week or five glasses of wine a week).

After 45 days, patients in the second group were observing lesser pain than before, whereas the condition of first group patients was still degrading at the same pace. Certain blood tests and X-Ray of all the joints were led to validate the reality and it was found that, there was much lower level of inflammation and swelling around the joints of the second group patients. Their X-Ray reports had also reflected less damage to joints of second group arthritis patients when compared to the first group patients in the same duration.

A lot of intense and deep research by team, depicted that “the alcohol actually restrains the activity of immune system at a certain point which has a major impact on the ground where Rheumatoid Arthritis actually develops in body (when alcohol is taken in limited or prescribed quantity). The alcohol’s insensitivity and anti-inflammatory effects tend to lower down the activity of immune system in body and the actual reason behind reduced pain in the second group patients”. founder said that “the chances of recovering from Rheumatoid Arthritis can certainly increase with regular intake of prescribed quantity of alcohol, however any intake of alcohol apart from the prescribed quantity will certainly be harmful”.

This research also resulted that the prescribed quantity of alcohol is also helpful in lowering down symptoms of RA severity in the body. The symptoms of RA were also found low in the people who drink frequently and high in non-drinkers. In fact, alcohol is also useful in pulling down the risk of heart disease in many patients.

Rheumatoid Arthritis medicines, including immuno suppressant drugs like Confluence could damage the liver if patient intake more quantity of alcohol apart from the prescribed quantity with any immuno suppressant medicines. The patients should certainly not exceed prescribed 10 units of alcohol or 5 glasses of wine a week in order to get relief in joint pain. It should be noted that drinking of more quantity of alcohol, taking regular medicine or any antibiotic could harm liver.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease, which is clearly a reflection of changing lifestyle, more than 2 percent of world population is currently affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is an urgent need to find alternative treatment, which can lower down the RA effects and restrain further damage. Millions are spent every year to discover a medicine to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis, patients can certainly restrain themselves from every form of arthritis by adopting few simple measures.

A recent research conducted by team, resulted that every men aged 45 and women aged 42 will be suffering from one or the other form of arthritis after 2020.

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