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Viscosupplementation treatment review for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, a complete analysis and review of role of Viscosupplementation Injection in joint pain relief.

November 29, 2010 in Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis Supplements

review of synovial fluid supplements

Viscosupplementation review for osteo arthritis patients

Some of doctors claim Viscosupplementation to be very useful for osteoarthritis for arthritis pain relief. However, cure2arthritis team felt that, this injection might have major side affects on osteo arthritis knee joint. The team found that Viscosupplementation injection has a high profit margin for pharmacist, so team held a complete research and analysis of Viscosupplementation process. Cure2arthritis team talked to 93 patients who were injected with a complete dose of Viscosupplementation.

The most common symptoms and side effects among all arthritis patients after Viscosupplementation were swelling, allergies like itching, rashness & redishness and reflects initial effusion. The major point for Viscosupplementation review by team was “Arthritis patients with skin infections have shown major reaction and wounds at injected place”. Usually arthritis patients are more prone to slow recovery from injuries & wounds and the injected place of Viscosupplementation have resulted in trauma and major reactions in osteo arthritis patients around their knee joints. The Viscosupplementation had eased some pain in knee joint only for initial 45 to 60 days with no major signs of improvement. However, other supplement ease pain and joint movement for only 30 to 40 days, so it is an advanced version of other synovial fluid supplements.

The process of Viscosupplementation should be done by specialist doctors and not general doctors, their assistant and nurse. It was commonly found that the process of Viscosupplementation is actually conducted by osteo arthritis doctor’s assistants and they are not able to inject the fluid at right point of arthritis affected joints, which has further worsen the situation of patients with knee joint pain.

In one line Viscosupplementation is not much different from other injections, it is only an advanced version of other synovial fluid supplements. This injection is promoted much because of high profit margin, our recommendation for all Rheumatiod arthritis and osteo arthritis patients would to use Viscosupplementation only when you do not have any substitute for joint operation. It is an always smart move to give a try to all substitutes before the knee joint operation as the success ratio for knee joint operation is below 40 percent.

We suggest to cure osteo and rheumatoid arthritis naturally, by taking a balanced diet with suitable exercise and limited medicines which are explained in other sections.

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