Water- The best drink to Cure osteoarthritis, Best Arthritis Cure to relieve arthritis joint pain with best natural arthritis pain relief remedies

July 20, 2012 in Diet, Osteoarthritis

People suffering from arthritis, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis joint pain are looking for natural arthritis pain relief remedies that can be a perfect arthritis cure. Our Arthritis cure team did 7 month research to depict best natural drink for arthritis cure to relieve arthritis joint pain. We found natural boiled water to be perfect arthritis cure for osteoarthritis and relieving Rheumatoid arthritis joint pain.

For prevention of arthritis joint pain in the body certainly the best drink for arthritis cure is water. Water is best drink to relieve arthritis joint pain here are the reasons why
1. Human Body is made up of 75 to 80% of water, so hydration level is essential to maintain for arthritis patient.
2. Water acts as hydration agent for distribution of essential nutrients such as electrolytes which include sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate around the arthritis affected joints of the patients.
3. Electrolytes are essential for the normal function of our body cell development and organ in arthritis affect joints, muscles and tissues.

Water is certainly a better drink than any drug or vitamin drink and water salt cure arthritis in all patients.

Benefits of drinking water for arthritis cure

1. Increase energy in the arthritis affected joints and muscles
2. Improves mental and physical performance for Rheumatoid arthritis patients
3. Removes toxin and waste around arthritis damaged joints and arthritis affected muscles.
4. Water is also helpful in decreasing weight in the arthritis patient. It is certainly very effective to cure osteoarthritis.
5. Water also acts as food digestive agent and absorbs essential nutrients from food of arthritis patient.
6. Water also is very effective way to removes stones in the kidney.
7. Water also avoids and prevent urinary tract infection in the arthritis patient and avoid internal healing of muscles, cells around painful and swollen arthritis affected joints.
8. Water is also very effective natural arthritis pain relief remedies source in relieving constipation problems in the arthritis patients and help in relieving inflammation around joints and muscles.
9. Water is best natural lubricating agent for arthritis affected muscles and joints.
10. Water also act as cooling agent in the body and also helps proper blood circulation in the arthritis patient of age 50 and above.

What is healthy hydration in arthritis patient
The appropriate amount of water a patient must drink is 125 oz for male and 91 oz daily for women. A healthy hydration is drinking enough water for your personal health profile and drinking the kinds of fluid, mainly water that are best for arthritis patient needs

How much water does arthritis patient needs daily?

It depends on several things
1. Age and weight of arthritis patient
2. Diet and Medication prescribed by the doctor for osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis joint pain.
3. Lifestyle- It refers to how much exercise does any arthritis patient can do on daily basis.
4. Where do you live

Dehydration is condition when arthritis patients loose more fluid than they intake in their body, It can happen at any age and it is most dangerous for young age arthritis patient and old age arthritis patient. Only water is best source to relieve arthritis joint pain for all ages.

Precautions for Hydration
Any person who has congestive heart failure, is on a low fluid diet or who is taking water pills must discuss any change in the amount of water they drink with their doctor first.

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Heat and Sun Exposure to Arthritis Patients

Arthritis patients must drink enough water if they are living in the warmer climate and arthritis patients must avoid Coffee, colas and other caffeine drinks as they increase daily urine output and dehydrate body faster. Even beer and wine also dehydrate water in the arthritis patients so it must be avoided.

Why arthritis patients do not want to drink water?

Generally old arthritis patients, frail and disabled adults do not drink enough water as
1. May not feel thirsty- The thirst sensation decreases with age.
2. May not like to drink water
3. Kidney of arthritis patients may not work well
4. Bladder control issues
5. It may be difficult to hold water glass and bottle.
6. It is difficult or painful to go to the bathroom.
7. It may be hard to get up and down or in and out of bed to get water or go to the bathroom.

Why old age arthritis patient cannot intake more water

1. Changes in how older person’s bodies regulate heat and the storage of water.
2. The body weight and muscle mass decrease with old age and makes it more difficult to hold and process water.
3. Frequent ad multiple illness

Best tips to drink water and maintain right hydration level in the body

1. Drink water even you do not feel thirsty. Sips throughout the day are good.
2. Drink water before meals as it helps in better swallow of food by wetting your mouth.
3. Drink water when you wake up and also drink water after brushing your teeth.
4. Drink water every time you urinate and this may mean more trips to the bathroom for you but less chances of dehydration.
5. Suckers, lozengesm Popsicle and jello are good sources or fluid specially if someone is vomiting or has difficulty in drinking water.
6. Saliva substitutes are helpful for people with dementia. They come in sprays or gels and can be used as often as needed. Keep Vaseline on the tips continuously.
7. Carry small bottles of water with you when you walk or sit outside or going to the doctor.
8. If you have hard time drinking from a glass or bottle make up for water lost by eating foods that are high in water content, like watermelon, broccoli, apples, carrots and grapefruit.

Side effects of dehydration in arthritis patients
1. Sweating, Too much alcohol, caffeine and sugar, Fever, Chronic Illness,  Diarrhea/vomiting- Stress, medications, high altitude, aging, poor diet, sun heat exposure, too much salt or too low in salt.

Our review of arthritis drinking water
We suggest to drink boiled natural water it helps in reducing inflammation around the joint pain and works as best cure for arthritis. Natural water is one of the best source to relieve arthritis joint pain and water salt cure arthritis in all patients. So we suggest to drink 125 oz for male and 91 oz daily for women.

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