Arthritis symptoms- Cure your arthritis, a perfect arthritis analysis before a doctor diagnosis

October 2, 2010 in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

This chart clearly reflects recent trend found in arthritis patients, the stats covers all the major factors responsible for arthritis in patients. A research on arthritis patients by team presented interesting  facts in graphical presentation which they found in patients who have shown initial symptoms of arthritis. The people can certainly cure arthritis at very initial stage, even before a doctor can diagnosis it, this chart explains and covers recent trends reflected in arthritis patients. There are certain measures like exercise and many more which could reduce chance of arthritis. For more details email us on or

"Arthritis symptoms and arthritis cure"

this chart displays various cause related to early arthritis

The stats depicted very interesting results like men in late 30’s with weight around 80 kg have more chances of arthritis than men in 40’s with the same weight. The women in 30’s of weight 65 kg have more chances of arthritis than women in 40’s with 60 kg weight. The overall statistics for both sex reflects high chances around age 50 with weight around 80 kg.

The height of patients was also an very important factor when comes to arthritis, male patients with height less than 170 cm and women with height less than 140 cm are have less chances of arthritis. The male patients with BMI less than 22 and women with less than 20 are less prone to arthritis.

The research report has also found that people who are low in Vitamin D have high arthritis rate in their late 50’s. The statistics are really awakening for people who are have same figures, it is very important to realise the facts and look for alternative measure to cure arthritis. Another easy way to slow down growth of RA in body is to avoid vegetable that grows in night, these vegetables are known as nightshade vegetables. Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes are few among them, these vegetable have an toxic nature which increases inflammating pain in joints.

The people can certainly cure arthritis at initial stage, even before a doctor can diagnosis it. Really the lifestyle modification is the only available measure which can play an important role in controlling the painful disease.

The symptoms found in initial stage of arthritis are frequent skin infection, pain in lower back, swelling in toes and shoulder pain. If anyone who also face same problem, the world of arthritis is waiting for them. welcomes comments from readers, your feedback is very important for us.

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Cure 4 Blood Cancer Patients

July 22, 2010 in Cancer

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Diet for Arthritis Patients- Nightshade vegetables to be avoided?

June 25, 2010 in Diet, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

The night shade vegetables includes, Potatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Garden Huckleberry, Ground Cherries, Tobacco and many more. The night shade vegetables are those vegetables which grows in night and not in daytime.

The nightshade vegetables contains solanine, which is toxic in nature and tends to low calcium balance in body. Regular diet of nightshade vegetables reduces calcium balance and is a major cause for Osteoporosis, which further leads to adverse condition of arthritis.

Every Arthritis patient must avoid nightshade vegetables as Vitamin D is usually not found in them and Only a one word answer would be “Say no to nightshade vegetables.”

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Role of Calcium in arthritis

March 7, 2010 in Arthritis, Diet, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Calcium is very important in our diet and certainly very essential nutrient of body. Not having right quantity of calcium in the diet, can make you more likely prone to osteoporosis. Vitamin D is needed for the body to absorb calcium and there is some evidence that arthritis,progresses faster in people who are low in it. That is why sun bath is very important and helpful in lowering pain.


1. Try to lose weight by changing your eating habits and increasing exercise (recommended on excercise) if possible, we are not talking about crash diets

2. Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially brightly coloured varieties

3. Take plenty of calcium- and iron-rich foods with 4 ltr of water

4. Try replacing red meat with oily fish twice per week


How much calcium to be included in diet of arthritis patient-

Males aged around and above 50 should intake minimum 1000 milligram per day and maximum limit of 2000 milligram per day.

Females aged around and above 50 should intake minimum 1200 milligram per day and maximum limit of 2000 milligram per day.

Side affects of low calcium
Lack of calcium would lead to Osteoporosis, which porous bones in the body and low calcium is also results into psoriasis arthritis. The problem with calcium is never the amount of calcium intake, but how to digest calcium. Most of calcium is not digested in small intestine and body rather it is excreted as waste, Osteoporosis and arthritis patients should find way to digest most of calcium.

Cure Osteoporosis and arthritis by absorbing calcium in following ways

1. Vitamin D- Vitamin D is one of the best source to digest calcium and convert calcium. Egg yolks and

how to absorb calcium by vitamin d

absorb calcium by vitamin d in arthritis

fish are another food contents that are rich in vitamin D, only 15 to 20 minutes daily exposure to sunlight is adequate to absorb calcium in arthritis or osteoporosis patient. As per recent research it is clearly mentioned that Vitamin D through sunlight is the only source to absorb calcium in arthritis patient.

2. Estrogen- It is one of hormone that has most important role in absorption of calcium. After menopause (condition when arthritis or osteoporosis patient is not able to produce eggs) the patients are low in Estrogen and calcium absorption level is dropped.

3. Lactose- It is the only carbohydrate that is found in most of dairy products, it also aids absorption of calcium in arthritis and osteoporosis patient.

Calcium supplements details for arthritis

Calcium supplements for arthritis

4. Calcium Supplements- Calcium carbonate, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Citrate, calcium tablet and other supplements are good source of calcium. The supplement must dissolve within 40 min in the body, otherwise they would also be excreted in form of urine. The best way to intake Calcium Supplements is to take them with food, as stomach acid creates acidic environment which aids absorption of it. (Note: It is advisable to consume calcium by foods, drinks and other beverages than Supplements)

5. Fruits and Vegetables- Dark green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Arugula, Dandelion Greens, Mustard Greens, Beans, Swiss Chard, Chicory, leaf lettuce, and Collard Greens. Fruits such as orange juice, Almonds and soy milk are in rich in calcium. Only one cup of dark leafy vegetables contains about 200 mg of calcium with appropriate quantity of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

What decreases absorption of calcium in arthritis and Osteoporosis patients
Oxalic Acid, Phytates, Dietary fiber, Diarrhea, Tea and Medications for asthma and psoriasis arthritis reduces absorption of calcium in body.

Dairy products are rich in calcium but they tend to increase weight, so here are some of effective ways to reduce weight for arthritis patients and Osteoporosis patients to get perfect arthritis treatment and cure for arthritis.

1. Salmon Fish- It is rich in Omega-3 oils which is good for Heart, arthritis and Osteoporosis, it is not only good in taste but it is also excellent source to reduce weight.

almonds suitable for arthritis

almonds suitable for arthritis

2. Almonds- Almonds are one of the best source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Dip only 12 almonds in water for 10 hours and chew them slowly in morning. They will pave the way to reduce weight for arthritis patients to get perfect cure for arthritis.

3. Turmeric- Vegetable of turmeric is one of the most healthy source to reduce weight for arthritis patients. Turmeric also aids in treatment of arthritis patients.

4. Lime- Boil water and pour juice of one complete lime in it. Drink it twice a day and feel the difference in your weight in few months. Lime is also advisable for cure of arthritis and its treatment.

5. Green Tea- It is also aids in arthritis treatment, as patients can substitute their tea and coffee with it. It will also help you in reducing weight.

proper sleep is essential to reduce arthritis

proper sleep is essential to reduce arthritis

6. Sleep- Take a complete stretch of 8 hours, it also aids in reduction of weight. Ideal and appropriate time of taking sleep is 10pm to 6am, it keeps you fresh and reduces stress to keep arthritis and weight away.

7. Papaya- Papaya is another good source for controlling diabetes and weight for arthritis patients.

These all diet suggestions and improvement will help in getting best treatment for psoriasis arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis. These diet schedule and suggestion will not give results in days, you need to continue them for long to notice exciting results.

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What is Rheumatoid Arthritis

February 28, 2010 in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a degenerative disease that is responsible for inflammating pain in the joints of the human body. RA affects the tissue, synovial fluid and organs of the body, body’s immune system is attacked by own antibodies, tissues and blood cells which results in swelling and destruction of the cartilage and tissues around the joints of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis also affects the other parts of the body and creates inflammation around them. The most common affect can be seen around the subcutaneous tissue under the skin.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a degenerative disease, which increases at a rapid pace and often leads to joint destruction and functional disability.

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Exercise for Arthritis affected Knee joint

February 28, 2010 in Exercises, Osteoarthritis

Regular exercises are very important to keep muscles stronger, stronger muscles support and load the knee in a better way and prevent injuries. A patient suffering from arthritis usually feels stiffness in joints, muscles and ligaments for which stretching is an right solution to relax, cool down inflammating pain and prevent further damage.
In brief we can say that the following points are important in delaying the effects of the arthritis
1.Regular Exercise
2.Maintaining weight at the ideal level
3.Once symptoms are noted avoid excessive loading viz. stairs and sitting on the floor.
4.Always have a balanced diet
5.Specially take care of your drinking water

Few examples of stretching suggested for arthritis patient are

1. To n fro movement of leg as shown in picture below for 2 min in every 3 hour to avoid obesity, it exactly results as walking or jogging and a very good example of stretching for arthritis patients.

leg exercise

2. Pull back thigh with towel or cloth 10 times, once in a day.

Warming knee joint

3. Press your knees in same way 3 to 5 times once a day as shown in picture, you can do same on your bed when you awake in morning.

knee pain exercise

4. Pull your ankle back as shown in picture 5 times each leg on bed when you wake up in morning.

sprained ankle exercisesprain ankle exercise

5. Hold your leg and count from 1 to 5 as shown in picture. You can do in either of one position, try to extend numbers and can do multiple times in a day.

knee injury relief exercise

leg exercise towel pain relief exercise

6. Try to do same using towel or with any stretchable cloth, minimum 10 times a day.

ankle strecthing exerciseankle weight exercise

7. Hold your knee with a support as shown in picture and count from 1 to 3, try to do till you are not exhausted.

strecthing exercise

8. Push wall with your hands and keep right leg forward exactly in same way shown in picture, do same with left leg forward.

hand supportive exercise

These are are all very simple exercises suggested particularly for arthritis patient, try to increase numbers after some time and to discuss about individual case email us at

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What is osteoarthritis?

February 25, 2010 in Osteoarthritis


When a person walks, whole of body weight is transferred from thigh to knee, knee to calf and finally to ankle. As you can see in the picture below, whenever a person walks pressure is transferred from Femur (thigh bone) to Tibia (shin or calf bone) by support of ligaments and meniscus. Meniscus acts as a shock absorber or cushion which is supported by ligaments to let knee joint move in right direction.

knee joint structure

srtucture knee joint

In Osteoarthritis there is friction between knee bones due to improper gap and alignment. This is mostly because of reduced synovial fluid (water content in cartilage), cartilage and meniscus, as you can see in picture below when there is less cushion or damaged ligament a person cannot walk properly and limping is most common sign of it which anyone can notice. Cartilage loses elasticity and is more easily damaged by injury or use. It can be usually found in old aged people, diabetic patient, injury, hormonal disorders, obesity, pregnancy and many more. These are main reason for knee pain.

arthritis knee joint

arthritis knee joint pain

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1. Arthritis pain initially started from one joint
2. Was your arthritis pain gradual and not sudden
3. Does pain is mild to moderate usually, does it becomes more intense after a period of increased activity and after repetitive use of joint
4. Does your pain around the joint diminish after a period of rest
5. Stiffness in morning last within or more than 30 minutes
6. Does your knee affected joint has ever buckled under you when going down steps or stepping off a curb
7. Does your hip is your affected joint, do you feel any problem while walking and have pain around your hip, groin, and down your thigh
8. Does your affected joint has ever lowered the full range of motion
9. Do you have crackling sound in the affected joints
10. Does your x-rays reflected osteophytes or spurs
11. Does your joints become more achey or you feel more pain due to change in the weather pattern
12. Do you feel any enlargements of bones near the small joints of your fingers
13. Does your blood work show signs of inflammation, like elevated ESR (sedrate) or CRP
14. Do you feel decreased lubrication around affected joints
15. Does anyone in your family is suffering from osteoarthritis
16. Since how long or since what time you are feeling pain around joints
Name of Patient
Any other comments or symptoms

Arthritis Treatment a End or a new Start

January 16, 2010 in Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a de-generative disease which affect joints of body, out of which most common is Osteoarthritis or Knee Arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis are acute pain, irritation, stiff joints, crackling noise and ligament injury. The main cause behind arthritis is old age but it could be because of genes, obesity, tearing of ligaments and others.

Osteoarthritis disease is found in 11% of world population and growing at 8% per year, still with no solution. The general treatments are knee surgery, medicines, yoga, accupuncture and many more, still without a permanent solution.

Only treatment and cure recommended by is lifestyle modification, suggest reduced walking but more exercises and stretching while sitting to put less stress on knee joint. According to, this disease found where fluoride content in water is high, flouride affects generation of synovial fluid (water content in ligaments) and thus reduces elasticity of ligaments.

Reduced elasticity results to ligaments injury which affects joint movement and lead to osteoarthritis. recommends to do excercises like to and fro movement of legs and stretching while sitting which ease stiffed ligaments and prevents further damage. Cure2Arthritis provide a caliper to do excercise in right direction so that knee replacement can be avoided. Knee replacement is suitable for people for aged 60 and above, knee replacement has a life of 10 to 15 years and again problem is same a permanent cure. We also suggest to test your drinking water to avoid further damage.

So, better to avoid stress on knee, do more stretching and excercise to put an end to the begining.

leg exercise on chair

knee excercise for womenbed exercise for kneesupport exercise for knee

For more information email us:-


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