Check Osteoarthritis Symptoms

If you want to know that you are suffering from Osteo Arthritis or not, please answer the following questionnaire to check your Osteo arthritis symptoms. We will check your answers and will get back to with you with our report. We will also recommend with right treatment and test for your Osteo Arthritis. If you would also like to send us your Medical Reports and X-rays you can mail us at or

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1. Arthritis pain initially started from one joint
2. Was your arthritis pain gradual and not sudden
3. Does pain is mild to moderate usually, does it becomes more intense after a period of increased activity and after repetitive use of joint
4. Does your pain around the joint diminish after a period of rest
5. Stiffness in morning last within or more than 30 minutes
6. Does your knee affected joint has ever buckled under you when going down steps or stepping off a curb
7. Does your hip is your affected joint, do you feel any problem while walking and have pain around your hip, groin, and down your thigh
8. Does your affected joint has ever lowered the full range of motion
9. Do you have crackling sound in the affected joints
10. Does your x-rays reflected osteophytes or spurs
11. Does your joints become more achey or you feel more pain due to change in the weather pattern
12. Do you feel any enlargements of bones near the small joints of your fingers
13. Does your blood work show signs of inflammation, like elevated ESR (sedrate) or CRP
14. Do you feel decreased lubrication around affected joints
15. Does anyone in your family is suffering from osteoarthritis
16. Since how long or since what time you are feeling pain around joints
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