My dad now knows Arthritis diet and general Regimen in Ayurveda to cure arthritis with ayurveda diet plan to digest food

January 28, 2011 in Arthritis, Ayurveda and Arthritis

My dad is also suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis, he wants to know about the ayurveda cure and remedies for arthritis. I know even you also want to know about it, I told him “Ayurveda mentions that in most of cases arthritis is caused because of foods that are toxic in nature and air. The toxic air flows inside the body and is accumulated at different joints that are weak with some spaces which results in arthritis.”

He was eager and want to know further, i told him told that Arthritis is a disease caused mostly because of lifestyle and it is very important to digest toxic food and exhale toxic air from body. As I expected, his next question was how can he can digest food in accordance to ayurveda, I mentioned “fasting is cure for improving digestion” but he do not want to do fasting.

Now I was telling him about ideal diet for arthritis in ayurveda is take lemon juice with luke warm water and two teaspoons of honey in place of tea. Regular intake of Guggul is very helpful to cure arthritis. Orange juice,  sweet limejuice with luke water and fruits rich in Vitamin C are always very helpful in reducing joint pain. Massage with neem oil or Azadirachta indica oil helps in reducing amount of toxic air and pain.

The foods that are easily digested are suitable for arthritis patients. Vegetables like carrot, root vegetables, cucumber and salad. The spices such as garlic, turmeric, ginger and coriander is most suitable for arthritis patient diet. Fruits includes apples,oranges, grapes and that are rich in Vitamin C, magnesium are source of reducing joint pain. (Note- Carrot is very useful in digesting any type of food)

Now my dad wants to know what are vegetables and other things he should avoid to get relief from arthritis joint pain. I told him to avoid nightshade vegetables, hot spices, sweets, tea, chocolate, white sugar and cocoa.

He was actually not happy with the diet plan of ayurveda, he felt that there was really not much left to eat. I convinced him to follow the diet for few days and if you feel results then only you continue with it further. He did not said affirmative yes, but i know i have convinced him.

Other things that should be avoided by arthritis patients are too much anxiety, stress, too much alcohol and smoking which was indeed very tough for my dad. He has also to continue with light & suitable exercises for arthritis  and light massage with neem oil.

Lets see how much my dad and your dear ones follow this diet and get result.

My dad suffering from severe arthritis got results of ayurveda treatment

My dad is now very happy to see reduced pain after following ayurvedic treatment and ayurvedic treatment diet plan only for 45 days. He is enthusiastic, feels better agility in joints and even i can say he has now positive attitude towards his arthritis cure.

I would recommend every one suffering from arthritis to follow ayurveda treatment and ayureda diet to reduce pain and be a part arthritis joint relief program. Be a part of arthritis cure and not cause for arthritis.

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