Check Arthritis Symptoms

If you want to know that you are suffering from Arthritis or not, please answer the following questionnaire to check your arthritis symptoms. We will check your answers and will get back to with you with our report. We will also recommend with right treatment and test for your Arthritis. If you would also like to send us your Medical Reports and X-rays you can mail us at or

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Do you have Regular pain in one or more joints
Does your pain increases in joints with movement and activity
Do you feel any hardness or stiffness in joints in morning time
Do you met any injury or accident recently at work or while playing sports
Any of your joints are swollen?
Do you feel warm joint or any any reddishness around joints
Do you feel any change in range of motion in one or more joints
Do you feel any malformation or deformation in hands or feet
Do you feel tired with any of your normal activity
Have you fallen any where recently
Are you suffering from any low grade fever
Does your X-ray display any damage around joints?
Does you feel joints to be fragile or any tenderness during touch
Does your joint pain is symmetric (Affect both same joint on both side like both knees) or it afftects only one joint of body
Do you also have symptoms of psoriasis or skin redness on your with arthritis
Are you suffering from any similar or general muscular pain
Do you feel relief in pain from anti- inflammatory medications (aspririn, ibuprofe or other)
Are you overweight?
Do you feel relief by general exercise and feel reduced pain around joints?
Does any heat packs or cold pack relieve your affected joint pain
Is there any person in your family who is suffering from any form of arthritis
Your Name
Any others symptoms or information