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Review of Arthritis treatments and Arthritis Symptoms in 2011 to get perfect cure for arthritis

February 10, 2011 in Arthritis, Arthritis Treatment

Almost all doctors, physicians and specialists claims to cure your arthritis by their treatments, There is complete review of all kind of arthritis treatment that are recommended by them as cure for arthritis. You will find review of all major effective arthritis treatment that are available in 2011 to get your perfect arthritis cure, they includes

Diet, Exercise, Medications, Ayurveda, Injection Supplements, Medical Equipments, Joint Fluid Therapy, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy, Joint Replacement Surgery, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Magnet Therapy and Music therapy. They all are explained below

1. Arthritis treatment diet- It does not includes just tablets or any medications, it includes vegetables and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Omega-3 Fatty acid, Zinc, Magensium and many more. They certainly are very helpful in its treatmentFor a list of vegetables and fruits to taken for best natural arthritis treatment in 2011 follow below link to cure arthritis.

2. Best Exercise for Arthritis in 2011– Exercises really work good for people suffering from arthritis and it is important to do them regularly to see effective results. For a list of arthritis exercise to for best arthritis treatment in 2011 follow below link.

3. Ayurveda for arthritis treatment in 2011- Auyrveda says arthritis is mostly beacuse of air and indigestion problem in the body. Indigestion cause gastric problem in body and it adds toxic air & bacteria, they cause inflammation and swelling in the joints. Gugul, Haritaki, sudarsban, Brahmi and Bibbitaki are very effective for natural treatment of arthritis. Mahanarayan oil is also very effective and it reduces joint pain problem in body to cure arthritis. Ayurveda is very effective and for details you can email me at or

4. Medications for treatment of arthritis in 2011- There are many medications available for arthritis treatemnt , they are
a) Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug- They are commonly known as NSAIDs and they include Clinoril, Tolectin, Lodine, Meclomen, Arthrotec  and many more to cure arthritis.
b) Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs- They are commonly known as DMARDs and they include Plaquenil, Leukeran, Ridaura, Neoral, Cyclophosphamide and many more to cure arthritis.
c) Steroids- They are glucocorticoids which are primarily used to reduce inflammation because of arthritis. They include Prednisone, Cortef, Betamethasone and others.
d) Pain Killers- They are primarily used to relieve joint pain because of inflammation and swelling. They include Ultram, Ugesic, Morphine Sulphate, Darvon and others.
e) Biologic Response Modifiers- They are commonly known as BRMs or Biologics, they are used to increase or restore immune system to withstand any infections and internal wounds beacuse of arthritis. They include Kineret, Orencia, Rituxan, Enbrel and many more to cure arthritis.

Note- There are side effects of arthritis treatment drugs on body, they should be taken on arthritis doctor prescription. I would recommend to concentrate arthritis diet for its treatment.

5. Injection Supplements for arthritis treatment in 2011- There are many injection supplement that are availble in market they are Corticosteroids, Synvisc, Viscosupplementation, Hyalgan and others to cure arthritis. They are found to give relief for only some time, so it is only a temporary arthritis treatment.

6. Medical Equipments for arthritis treatment in 2011- There are many Medical Equipments that are available in market like braces, support systems, socks, arthritis calipers, Insole and many more to cure arthritis. They are suitable to only few people (less than 3%) only Insole i would say is  effective, it reduces force of jerk on joints in the body. I would recommend to avoid using any braces, support systems, socks, arthritis calipers for arthritis treatment in 2011.

7. Joint Fluid Therapy- It is process of injecting gel in the joints and it act as supplement for synovial fluid to cure arthritis. They include Synvisc, Hyalgan, Euflexxa and others. They are also for temporary relief in arthritis pain.

8. Acupuncture / Acupressure- It is process of pressing or stimulating various points like nerves, muscles and other body organs. It was developed in China and is a effective arthritis treatment from almost 2000 years, it only tough to find Acupuncture specialist.

9. Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy for treatment of arthritis- Warm water is excellent source to ease and reduce joint pain, they relaxes muscles and increases motion. Swimming or moving in water requires higher force which lay less stress with immediate effect on body. They increase stability of joints, muscles and increases body movement. I would diefnately recommend to swim and  opt for Hydrotherapy to get perfect arthritis cure.

arthritis joint replacement surgery

10. Joint Replacement Surgery for treatment of arthritis in 2011- It is process of replacing joint with artificial implants and they have success ratio of almost 40% of total. It is very expensive and Joint Replacement Surgery is not covered under insurance. However it can be done with only few patients with age of above 55 and good immune system.

11. Yoga for arthritis treatment- Yoga related to breathing would be useful but making certain position for Yoga can be harmful for joints. Arthritis joints have limited movement, please do not stress on them. Do Yoga that is related breathing it would relieve pain in joints, it is also recommended in Ayurveda artha Tatwa also.

12. Meditation- Tension is also a reason behind Arthritis, Meditation help you in reducing them and control any stress or anxiety. Try to do at-least 2 min a day.

13. Tai Chi exercise art- It is form of martial arts, light movement exercises that are used to relax  and improve body motion. It is certainly very useful for arthritis patients.

14. Magnet Therapy- It is said, Magnet is used to improve blood circulation in body but there is no evidence that it can cure arthritis.

15. Music Therapy- It is used to reduce stress and i would recommend Meditation over it. RECOMMENDATIONS for Arthritis treatment in 2011 would be Diet, Exercise, Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy, Joint Replacement Surgery, Meditation, Yoga and Acupuncture & Acupressure to cure for arthritis. This disease is majorly result of changing lifestyle problem in 2011, so my recommendation would be more based on natural treatment than others in 2011.

arthritis diet plan medicine for arthritis arthritis joint replacement surgeryyoga for arthritis

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Arthritis symptoms


Osteo arthritis Cartilage knee structure

It is very difficult for doctors and physicians to diagnose arthritis symptoms in initial stage of joint pain. The symptoms of arthritis joint pain are identical with many other diseases like diarrhea, heart problem and other, which makes tough to identify arthritis joint pain from other diseases. Available tests to identify arthritis symptoms in 2011 can be classifieds into following

1. Medical history of patients- There are some general question which physicians ask to determine symptoms of arthritis joint pain
a) From how much time you are suffering from the joint pain?
b) Where do feel and observe joint pain in body?
c) Is there any particular time when joint pain occurs?
d) After how much time your joint pain last?
e) What was the first time when you observe similar pain?
f) Could you describe the intensity of joint pain from scale of 1 to 10?
g) What things relieves your joint pain?
h) Do you met any injuries or illness that was similar to your pain or describes similar pain?
i) Is there any one in family who is suffering from arthritis or any other rheumatic disease?
j) What medicines are you currently taking and do you feel relief after them?
k) Do you observe any limitation in range of your motion in recent months?
l) Do you feel reduction in your muscle strength?
m) Do you feel any crickling sounds in the joints during movement?

Physical examination of arthritis2. Physical examination to determine arthritis symptoms for joint pain- There are certain examination and questionnaire to determine symptoms of arthritis in patient-

a) Lifting weight (3.5 kg or 8 found) to height of shoulder.
b) Boxing- Regular throw of overhand.
c) Tucking of shirt backwards. (problem would show symptom of initial arthritis)
d) Pressing the back of opposite shoulder.
e) Crepitus in motion of joints.
f) Sleeping on the affected side of joint pain.
g) Physical examination of swelling around joints of body.
h) Recording and observing any unusual movement in walking by physician.

Questionnaire to determine arthritis symptoms- Answer all questions from scale 1 to 10. Where 1 is being uncertain and 10 being 100% sure

a) Can you reduce joint pain?
b) Can you keep your arthritis joint pain away during sleeping?
c) Can you continue with all of your routine activities?
d) Can you relieve your joint pain by medications
e) Can you reduce intensity of pain in joints by intake of more medications?
f) Can you walk 22 meters in 25 seconds?
g) Can you walk 15 steps downstairs in 15 seconds?
h) Can you scratch your opposite back easily?
i) Can you wear shirt in 10 seconds?
j) Can you improve your fatigue or tiredness?
k) How sure you are in handling your arthritis joint pain in routine activities?
l) Can you get up from chair or bed without help of arms or hands in 5 second?
m) Can you turn up and down outdoor faucet or taps?
n) Can you sit and pull yourself out from the driver seat of car?
o) Can you do all routine work when you are not feeling well?
p) Can you manage your joint pain while doing activities you enjoy most like gaming, roaming or other activities?
q) Do you feel frustrated in dealing with your joint pain?
r) Do you feel you can get relieve from joint pain by reducing joint pain?

3. Laboratory tests, imaging tests and other screening test to determine arthritis symptoms for joint pain

Laboratory tests for arthritis

Laboratory test to determine symptoms of arthritis in 2011 are

A) Anti Nuclear Antibody Test (ANA)- This test is conducted to determine the amount of antibodies present in the patient. Normal range is less than or equal to 1:40 dilution.

B) Complement Protein test– Complement is protein that is found in blood which determines symptoms with lupus. Normal levels for test is 41 to 90 hemolytic units. C4 level should in between 12 to 75 milligrams per deciliter. C3 level should in between 88 to 252 milligrams per deciliter for male and 88 to 206 milligrams per deciliter in ladies. C1 level should vary between 16 to 33 milligrams per deciliter.

C) Complete Blood Count test (CBC)– As names determines it a complete test of blood. Low level of white blood cell in blood indicates leukopenia (Normal range is 4.3 to 10.8 cells per liter). Low red blood count in blood indicates anemia (Normal range is 4.2 to 5.9). Low platelet count in blood indicates Thrombocytopenia which cause prolonged bleeding. RDW is the measurement of size of Red Blood cells (Normal range is 11 to 15).

D) Creatinine Test– This test to identify any disease related to kidneys. Normal range is 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dl.

E) Rheumatoid Factor Test– This determines determines presence of rheumatoid factor in the blood. The normal Rheumatoid Factor is below 20%, however it vary from laboratory to laboratory. Rheumatoid arthritis patient have Rheumatoid Factor from 25 to 90 percent.

F)  ESR and SED Rate Test– This test is also related to red blood cells. Normal range for Males should be in between 1 – 13 mm/hr and in case of female it is 1 – 20 mm/hr.

G) Hematocrit Test– It determine the amount of Red blood cells found in blood. Normal range for Males should be in between 45 – 62%
and in case of female it should be between 37 – 48%.

H) Urinalysis Test– This test indicates and examines RBC, WBC, protein level or any infection in urine of patient. Normal range for Specific gravity should be between 1.002-1.030, Urobilinogen should vary between 0.2-1.0 Ehr U/dL, pH should be 5-7 and other all test should be negative.

I) White Blood Cell Count Test– Normal range is 4.3-10.8 × 10cubic/mm cube

J) C-Reactive Protein Test- It is a kind of protein that developes and aggravates due to inflammation around the joints. Normal range is 1.0 and 3.0 milligram/litre

Imaging and Other tests to determine symptoms of arthritis in 2011 are

A) X-ray- It provide images which helps in indicating wear and tear of bones & tissues.

MRI for arthritis patientsB) MRI- This test provides with images of every organ and structure in body from different degrees to determine symptoms of arthritis.

C) Joint Ultrasound Test- This test is rarely used to determine arthritis symptoms before x-rays.

D) Computed Tomography Scan– This test is commonly known as CT Scan, it involves a mixture of x-rays and latest technology to determine arthritis symptoms in body. Images of bones, muscles, fat, and organs are displayed in CT Scan to determine arthritis indication.

E) Arthroscopy– Arthroscope tube is inserted inside joint to check wear and tear in around joints. It helps in evaluation of any form of arthritis symptoms and inflammation.

F) DEXA– This test determines the density of bones. The lower level of arthritis determines and helps in detection of osteoporosis. Normal range is between 2.5 to 1.

By 2011 My dad will lower arthritis inflammation by 10 fruits and vegetables for joint pain to get perfect arthritis cure

February 6, 2011 in Arthritis, Diet

My dad is suffering from severe arthritis and he is following perfect arthritis diet schedule in 2011 by which he started getting relief and also lowered his inflammating arthritis joint pain and I want to share it with every patient suffering from inflammating arthritis joint pain.

Below are some vegetables & fruits and their role in lowering inflammating arthritis pain to cure arthritis at home. These vegetables and fruits are very important and are selected by my experience of 15000 patients, follow to get your perfect arthritis cure.

1. Pineapple- Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammtion around the point where joints connects each other. Pinapple contains Bromelain that acts as an agent to reduce the production of prostaglandins which is a major reason for inflammation around joints. So eat pineapple to cure your arthritis and reduce arthritis inflammation around joints. (Note:- Eat only fresh Pineapple and juice not preservatives)

2. Ginger- Take ginger with carrot juice and apple. It will help in curing arthritis, it exactly acts as antibiotics to lower inflammation.

3. Indian gooseberry or Amla- Amla helps in reducing inflammtion around joints and they also heel wear and tear of joint because of arthritis.

(Note:- Eat only fresh Indian gooseberry or Amla and its juice not preservatives)

4. Garlic- It has anti inflammatory properties that helps in treating infections in body caused due to arthritis.

5. Ground Nut- It certainly helps and prevents malnutrition, vascular complicationsin to maintain level of synovial fluid or liquid gel around joints to cure arthritis.

6. Basil Tea- It is the right substitute for tea and coffee and it also lowers inflammating arthritis pain and its cure. It is made from 40% of basil seeds and 60% leaves.

7. Grapefruit- It lowers level of blood sugar and carbohydrates which are major cause for arthritis and it can certainly cure it.

8. Lemon Tea- We are talking about lemon leaf tea not just the lemon juice which has anti inflammatory properties to reduce arthritis joint pain.

9. Carrot- Arthritis is caused mostly beacuse of indigestion and carrot is best resouce to maitain proper digeestion to lower inflammation internally in the body.

10. Azadirachta Indica or Neem- Swallow baby or young leaves of Azadirachta Indica and Neem directly, they not only lower inflammation but also a great cure for arthritis. (Note:- Please swallow leaf directly, we are not asking you to chew leaf.)

11. Pomegranate or Anardhana- It is a fruit which gives inner strength to fight infections and a powerful tool to get perfect arthritis cure.

arthritis diet cure

These new schedule will cure arthritis and will certainly lower your inflammation at home. Arthritis patients can also apply Ice-Packs to joints where they feel inflammation.

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My dad now knows Arthritis diet and general Regimen in Ayurveda to cure arthritis with ayurveda diet plan to digest food

January 28, 2011 in Arthritis, Ayurveda and Arthritis

My dad is also suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis, he wants to know about the ayurveda cure and remedies for arthritis. I know even you also want to know about it, I told him “Ayurveda mentions that in most of cases arthritis is caused because of foods that are toxic in nature and air. The toxic air flows inside the body and is accumulated at different joints that are weak with some spaces which results in arthritis.”

He was eager and want to know further, i told him told that Arthritis is a disease caused mostly because of lifestyle and it is very important to digest toxic food and exhale toxic air from body. As I expected, his next question was how can he can digest food in accordance to ayurveda, I mentioned “fasting is cure for improving digestion” but he do not want to do fasting.

Now I was telling him about ideal diet for arthritis in ayurveda is take lemon juice with luke warm water and two teaspoons of honey in place of tea. Regular intake of Guggul is very helpful to cure arthritis. Orange juice,  sweet limejuice with luke water and fruits rich in Vitamin C are always very helpful in reducing joint pain. Massage with neem oil or Azadirachta indica oil helps in reducing amount of toxic air and pain.

The foods that are easily digested are suitable for arthritis patients. Vegetables like carrot, root vegetables, cucumber and salad. The spices such as garlic, turmeric, ginger and coriander is most suitable for arthritis patient diet. Fruits includes apples,oranges, grapes and that are rich in Vitamin C, magnesium are source of reducing joint pain. (Note- Carrot is very useful in digesting any type of food)

Now my dad wants to know what are vegetables and other things he should avoid to get relief from arthritis joint pain. I told him to avoid nightshade vegetables, hot spices, sweets, tea, chocolate, white sugar and cocoa.

He was actually not happy with the diet plan of ayurveda, he felt that there was really not much left to eat. I convinced him to follow the diet for few days and if you feel results then only you continue with it further. He did not said affirmative yes, but i know i have convinced him.

Other things that should be avoided by arthritis patients are too much anxiety, stress, too much alcohol and smoking which was indeed very tough for my dad. He has also to continue with light & suitable exercises for arthritis  and light massage with neem oil.

Lets see how much my dad and your dear ones follow this diet and get result.

My dad suffering from severe arthritis got results of ayurveda treatment

My dad is now very happy to see reduced pain after following ayurvedic treatment and ayurvedic treatment diet plan only for 45 days. He is enthusiastic, feels better agility in joints and even i can say he has now positive attitude towards his arthritis cure.

I would recommend every one suffering from arthritis to follow ayurveda treatment and ayureda diet to reduce pain and be a part arthritis joint relief program. Be a part of arthritis cure and not cause for arthritis.

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Learn how to differntiate between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis at home in 2011

January 27, 2011 in Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis patients should understand how to differentiate their arthritis from different forms of arthritis. We will be discussing about two major types of arthritis that are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis. Both of these cause intense pain in joints and inflammation around joints but they are still very different. To cure your arthritis it is very important to diagnose the type of arthritis, the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis are

Point of Difference

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteo Arthritis
Inflammation Rheumatoid Arthritis is immune disease caused by attack of antibodies in the body around membrane of the joints causing inflammation and de-locating the joints alignment. The joints deterioration because of decreased cartilage around joints causing intense pain, itching and swelling.
Affected Joints They affect the small joints and body organs. Knees, spine, ankle, feet and hip.
Aging, weight and genes Major reasons are genetics and infections Major reasons are aging, life style, genes, injury and obesity
Symptoms Pain, nodules, swelling, weakness, stiffness and loosing weight. Pain, stiffness, inflexibility, swelling and crackling sound around the joints.
General treatment It affects all joints around body and it is aggressive in nature. General treatment by doctors are medicine, immune reducing drugs, analgesics and surgery. Physiotherapy, pain cream, pain oils, pain killer medicines and joint replacement operation.
Diet Avoid any food that cause inflammation. Avoid Nightshade vegetables.

Similarity between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis

Well Both disease Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis are very dangerous, they should be given care extra care right from initial stages. There are many similarities between them such as joint pain, joint stiffness, restricted movement of joints, swelling in joints and bone spurs.

The treatment for both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis is very different so a careful understanding is necessary to differentiate and get the right treatment to cure them at very initial stage. You should consult doctor and specialist immediately if you are observing similar symptoms.

For any specific information you can email me at or

Arthritis Lower Back Exercise Program to cure back arthritis and sciatica in 2011

January 14, 2011 in Arthritis, Back arthritis, Exercises

This is a complete list of arthritis lower back exercise for 2011, these exercise will relieve arthritis lower back pain if followed continuously. This is a complete arthritis lower back exercise workout program which includes stretching, strengthening and relaxing. Follow best arthritis lower back exercise program and feel pain relief in few days.

1.       First lie on flat floor on mattress and keep your hands stretched on side as shown in picture.  Now move your knee sideways without moving your back and breathe normally. Stay in this position and count 1 to 5 and repeat same 10 times in morning before intake of any food. It will help a lot in relieving lower back arthritis pain.

Lower Back arthritis exercise with leg opening

2.       Lie on flat floor on mattress and keep your heels close to hips as shown in picture. Now keep your lower back and & head still, now move your one leg straight and stretch as much as you can. Repeat same with other leg and make a set for each leg. This is stretching exercise for arthritis affected lower back.


3.       Lie on flat floor on mattress and keep your heels close to hips as shown in picture. Now keep your lower back and & head still, try to hold your knee as shown in picture. Hold your leg and count 1 to 5 and repeat same with other leg and make a set of 10 for each leg. This is also arthritis lower back pain relief stretching exercise.


4.       Lie on flat floor on mattress and keep your heels close to hips as shown in picture. Now take your right knee towards left shoulder and press with hand as shown in picture and count 1 to 7 and repeat same with other leg and make a set of 10 for each leg. This is also arthritis lower back pain relief exercise.


5.        Lie on flat floor on mattress and keep pillow under your head as shown in picture. You can do this arthritis lower back exercise on bed also. Keep your heels close to hips and take your knees with support your hand and count from 1 to 10 and make 10 repetitions. This is also arthritis lower back pain relief exercise for s1,c4, c5 region.


Turning lower back arthritis exercise for both arthritis and sciatica

6.       Lie on flat floor on mattress or bed and keep your hands under your head. Now take your head upwards and take support of your elbow to give limited pressure on arthritis lower back or sciatica affected back. Count from 1 to 3 and make 10 repetitions. This is another arthritis lower back pain relief exercise.


7.       Lie on flat floor on mattress and press your hands and make arc with your back (do not move sideways, back should be straight). Count from 1 to 3 and make 5 repetitions. Note- Do not do this exercise if you feel pain in lower back. This is also arthritis lower back pain relief exercise.


8.       Lie on your stomach; keep your head on floor. Now lift your right hand above head and lift your left leg as much as you ca. Do same with left hand and right leg also, Count from 1 to 3 and make 5 repetitions.  This is also arthritis lower back pain relief exercise.


9.       Lie on your stomach and lift your head along with both hands and legs as shown in picture. Hold and Count from 1 to 3, try to make 5 repetitions. This is also arthritis lower back pain relief and strengthening exercise.


10.   This is one of best exercise for arthritis affected lower back. Lie on flat floor on mattress, bent your knees as shown in picture below. Now take both your knees sideways till the point you do not feel arthritis pain or normal pain, repeat this exercise from 10 times and increase this arthritis affected lower back exercise repetitions after 10 days. Note- Do this exercise to both sides.


11.   Start this exercise lying on your back and take support of your left hand to pull your right leg as shown in picture. Hold and count from 1 to 10 and do same with right hand and left leg. Make 10 repetitions and increase with each day.


12.   Kneel down on your knees and join both hands as shown in picture. Move your hands from right to left, hold and count 1 to 10 and now move your hands from left to right hold and count 1 to 10. Do atleast 8 repetitions.


13.   Stand and keep your back straight and hands touching sides as shown in picture below. Now lean to right side with hands touching till knee and now lean to left side with hands touching till knee. Make 15 repetitions.


14.   Stand and lean forward to touch the floor. Make 15 repetitions. Note- Do not bounce while straightening your back.


This program will relieve your lower back pain whether it is from arthritis or sciatica, these lower back exercise will cover C3, C4, C5, C6, S1 and S2 region of your back. For any specific questions email me at or

Role of Calcium in arthritis

March 7, 2010 in Arthritis, Diet, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Calcium is very important in our diet and certainly very essential nutrient of body. Not having right quantity of calcium in the diet, can make you more likely prone to osteoporosis. Vitamin D is needed for the body to absorb calcium and there is some evidence that arthritis,progresses faster in people who are low in it. That is why sun bath is very important and helpful in lowering pain.


1. Try to lose weight by changing your eating habits and increasing exercise (recommended on excercise) if possible, we are not talking about crash diets

2. Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially brightly coloured varieties

3. Take plenty of calcium- and iron-rich foods with 4 ltr of water

4. Try replacing red meat with oily fish twice per week


How much calcium to be included in diet of arthritis patient-

Males aged around and above 50 should intake minimum 1000 milligram per day and maximum limit of 2000 milligram per day.

Females aged around and above 50 should intake minimum 1200 milligram per day and maximum limit of 2000 milligram per day.

Side affects of low calcium
Lack of calcium would lead to Osteoporosis, which porous bones in the body and low calcium is also results into psoriasis arthritis. The problem with calcium is never the amount of calcium intake, but how to digest calcium. Most of calcium is not digested in small intestine and body rather it is excreted as waste, Osteoporosis and arthritis patients should find way to digest most of calcium.

Cure Osteoporosis and arthritis by absorbing calcium in following ways

1. Vitamin D- Vitamin D is one of the best source to digest calcium and convert calcium. Egg yolks and

how to absorb calcium by vitamin d

absorb calcium by vitamin d in arthritis

fish are another food contents that are rich in vitamin D, only 15 to 20 minutes daily exposure to sunlight is adequate to absorb calcium in arthritis or osteoporosis patient. As per recent research it is clearly mentioned that Vitamin D through sunlight is the only source to absorb calcium in arthritis patient.

2. Estrogen- It is one of hormone that has most important role in absorption of calcium. After menopause (condition when arthritis or osteoporosis patient is not able to produce eggs) the patients are low in Estrogen and calcium absorption level is dropped.

3. Lactose- It is the only carbohydrate that is found in most of dairy products, it also aids absorption of calcium in arthritis and osteoporosis patient.

Calcium supplements details for arthritis

Calcium supplements for arthritis

4. Calcium Supplements- Calcium carbonate, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Citrate, calcium tablet and other supplements are good source of calcium. The supplement must dissolve within 40 min in the body, otherwise they would also be excreted in form of urine. The best way to intake Calcium Supplements is to take them with food, as stomach acid creates acidic environment which aids absorption of it. (Note: It is advisable to consume calcium by foods, drinks and other beverages than Supplements)

5. Fruits and Vegetables- Dark green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Arugula, Dandelion Greens, Mustard Greens, Beans, Swiss Chard, Chicory, leaf lettuce, and Collard Greens. Fruits such as orange juice, Almonds and soy milk are in rich in calcium. Only one cup of dark leafy vegetables contains about 200 mg of calcium with appropriate quantity of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

What decreases absorption of calcium in arthritis and Osteoporosis patients
Oxalic Acid, Phytates, Dietary fiber, Diarrhea, Tea and Medications for asthma and psoriasis arthritis reduces absorption of calcium in body.

Dairy products are rich in calcium but they tend to increase weight, so here are some of effective ways to reduce weight for arthritis patients and Osteoporosis patients to get perfect arthritis treatment and cure for arthritis.

1. Salmon Fish- It is rich in Omega-3 oils which is good for Heart, arthritis and Osteoporosis, it is not only good in taste but it is also excellent source to reduce weight.

almonds suitable for arthritis

almonds suitable for arthritis

2. Almonds- Almonds are one of the best source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Dip only 12 almonds in water for 10 hours and chew them slowly in morning. They will pave the way to reduce weight for arthritis patients to get perfect cure for arthritis.

3. Turmeric- Vegetable of turmeric is one of the most healthy source to reduce weight for arthritis patients. Turmeric also aids in treatment of arthritis patients.

4. Lime- Boil water and pour juice of one complete lime in it. Drink it twice a day and feel the difference in your weight in few months. Lime is also advisable for cure of arthritis and its treatment.

5. Green Tea- It is also aids in arthritis treatment, as patients can substitute their tea and coffee with it. It will also help you in reducing weight.

proper sleep is essential to reduce arthritis

proper sleep is essential to reduce arthritis

6. Sleep- Take a complete stretch of 8 hours, it also aids in reduction of weight. Ideal and appropriate time of taking sleep is 10pm to 6am, it keeps you fresh and reduces stress to keep arthritis and weight away.

7. Papaya- Papaya is another good source for controlling diabetes and weight for arthritis patients.

These all diet suggestions and improvement will help in getting best treatment for psoriasis arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis. These diet schedule and suggestion will not give results in days, you need to continue them for long to notice exciting results.

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Arthritis- signs, symptoms, treatment, cure and prevention

January 15, 2010 in Arthritis, Arthritis Treatment, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis


Arthritis inflammation and connective tissues

Arthritis and connective tissues

It is condition of joint pain with inflammation and connective tissues.

Arthritis cause inflammation around joints in the body, which leads to extreme pain with swelling, resistant in range of motion, crickling sound, and limited or restricted movement of muscles & joints. There are more than 102 types of arthritis.

Joint pain due to arthritis can further lead to pain in more than one joint.

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Causes, accidents, perception and risk factors for arthritis

Cartilage is gel type muscle which protects the joints all around the body for smooth movement in all degrees. Cartilage acts as shock absorber whenever pressure is made on the joints, when you walk, run or lift any weight. If there is not sufficient cartilage the bones rubs together which results in their deterioration, pain around joints, swelling, resistance in movement, stiffness and inflammation.

Patients have inflammation around their joints because of one of following reasons, which includes

1. Any injury in Bones or broken bone
2. Normal deterioration of joints
3. Any infection or side affects due to bacteria or any other factor
4. Due to immune disease (There are many kinds of immune disease in which body’s own immune system attacks the joints of body)

It is seen that inflammation around the joints have generally diminishes because of treatment. Patient feels reduction in pain when they recover from injuries and any sort of infections.

However there are certain diseases and conditions when inflammation does not ends and outcome is joint & muscles pain and disfigurement or malformation around joints. The patients feel chronic pain around their joints and this means they are suffering from arthritis. The most commonly type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis, this also occurs with age and is most commonly known as knee join pain and back pain. Osteoarthritis is found in knees, lower back, hips and fingers.

Factors which increase risk of arthritis are
1. Any recent or previous injury
2. Increase in weight or overweight
3. Stress on affected joints like walking with knee pain or lifting weight with back pain. Playing, dancing and labors are at high risk of being affected by osteoarthritis.

Arthritis affects people with all age and sex, whether you are elder of 60 yrs or youngster of 30 years still you can be affected by arthritis. United States of America is mostly affected by one or other form of arthritis, almost 1 out of 6 persons are suffering from arthritis. Current stats of arthritis states that there are more than 38 million people suffering from arthritis which includes men, women and children.

Types & kinds of arthritis and their symptoms & reasons for development or cause of arthritis includes:

Ankylosing spondylitis, Back Arthritis, vertebrae and spine structure

Ankylosing spondylitis

1. Back Arthritis or Ankylosing spondylitis– It is also one common form of arthritis specially found in women and osteoporosis patients. it affects and cause inflammation around spine (spine and pelvis). The patient have increased pain at night & morning due to lack of activity. Eye inflammation, Loss of appetite and mild fever are symptoms of Ankylosing spondylitis. CBC is most effective test to determine Ankylosing spondylitis in patient.


Gout Arthritis and bone erosion

Gout Arthritis

2. Gout Arthritis– It develops when uric acid increase around the joints. it mostly found in Diabetes patient and overweight people. Big toe, joint appears warm and red, pain occurs mostly in night. Uric acid – blood test is most effective test to determine Gout Arthritis in patient. Synovial fluid increases in the patient due to lack of movement.



Gonococcal arthritis3. Gonococcal arthritis– It is bacterial perversion around the joints which results in inflammation. Skin rashness, large joints, Lower abdominal pain, problem in urination and blood infection are symptoms for Gonococcal arthritis. Urine Culture and Culture of joint aspirate are most effective test to determine Gonococcal Arthritis in patient.


Gilchrist's disease4. Blastomycetic dermatitis or Gilchrist’s disease– This infection occurs when blastomyocosis fungus particles are inhaled in the body which results in breathing problem, chest pain, Fatigue, Sweating, Joint pain and reduction in weight. CT scan of Chest is most effective test to determine Blastomycetic dermatitis Arthritis in patients.

Adult Still's disease

Adult Still's disease

5. Adult Still’s disease– This is one rare form of arthritis which results in high fever, skin rashness (salmon-pink color), Abdominal pain, Sore throat and joint pain which results in deep pain in form of arthritis. CRP test is most effective test to determine Adult Still’s disease in patient



Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

6. Psoriatic arthritis- It is related to skin disease that causes red marks on the body that is known as psoriasis of the skin. Genetical and hereditary factors are major cause and it results in mild joint pain, burning and joint stiffness. Doctors and physicians usually prescribe antirheumatic drugs like Methotrexate for Psoriatic arthritis.



Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Juvenile Rheumatoid

7. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis– It is arthritis of children and it is autoimmune disease which attacks tissue of body. Rheumatic fever,
Joint pain, limping and Inflammatory bowel disease are common symptoms of it. Rheumatoid factor test and ECG is most effective test to determine Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in patients.



What is Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

8. Rheumatoid arthritis– It is one of most common form of arthritis. The body’s own immune system attacks body organs and parts instead of fighting foreign substances. Usually women have high chances of Rheumatoid arthritis than men and it affects both sides equally like both hands, wrist, ankle and other joints. Infections, hormones and genetics syndrome plays important role in contributing to it. Complete blood count and Rheumatoid factor test are most effective test to determine Rheumatoid Arthritis in patients.



10. Septic arthritis or Nongonococcal Bacterial Arthritis– It is caused due to bacterial infection, it grows at rapid pace as it spread through blood to joint. Knee and hip are some of body organs that are mostly affected by it, it is caused because of Artificial joint implants, Joint redness, immuno-suppressing medicines, Low-grade fever, arthroscopy and Bacterial infection. Blood culture is most effective test to determine Septic arthritis in patients.

11. Viral arthritis– It is caused due to viral infection in the body and symptoms are joint pain and swelling. Serology is most effective test to determine Viral arthritis in patients. Usually medication are given by doctors for treatment of Viral arthritis.
12. Scleroderma Arthritis– It is connective tissue problem that results changes under skin, muscles and other internal organs of body. The substance known as collagen is developed under skin and affects people with age of 32 to 55 years old. It develops very slow under skin as scleroderma and spreads slowly and steadily to cause severe problems and complications. Hair loss, Small white lumps, Joint pain, Wrist pain and Skin hardness are common symptoms for Scleroderma Arthritis. Antinuclear antibody is most effective test to determine Scleroderma Arthritis in patients.
13. Tuberculous arthritis– It is one of the rare arthritis caused because of TB and affects joints. The symptoms for Tuberculous arthritis are reduction in weight, swelling around joints, numbness, sweating and fever. Aspiration is most effective test to determine Tuberculous arthritis in patients.

Tertiary Lyme disease

Tertiary Lyme

14. Tertiary Lyme disease– It is disease that is caused due to infection by bite of tick or Lyme. Fatigue, Memory loss, sensitivity to light, Numbness, Headaches and inflammation are common symptoms of Tertiary Lyme disease. ELISA for Lyme disease is most effective test to determine Tuberculous arthritis in patients.



Disability after arthritis

Disability after arthritis

15.Systemic lupus erythematosus or SEL– It is autoimmune disorder caused due to certain drugs. Chest pain, rash skin ,Sensitivity to sunlight, Headaches, Psychosis, Mouth sores, Seizures, problem in lung and kidney are common symptoms of Systemic lupus erythematosus or SEL.

16. Disability– It can be in any form and bones change their alignment or shape and more than 30 millions are affected by it.




Symptoms of Arthritis are

1. Pain In joints
2. Recent Reduction in range of motion of joints
3. Swelling around joints

arthritis symptoms

arthritis symptoms

4. Stiffness & ache in joints and muscles
5. Warm joints
6. Low Grade fever
7. Change in bones alignment
8. Unusual Reduction in weight

You can also check other arthritis symptoms by answering questionnaire on

Tests to determine arthritis symptoms are

Doctors would follow detailed examination of patient,
1. Examining past medical record of arthritis patient to check any symptoms for arthritis.
2. Physical examination of patient to determine tenderness in the joints. Acute pain in joints and limited range of motion are one of major symptoms to determine arthritis. The joints are usually very tender, warm and reddishness can be seen and felt.
3. In case of autoimmune form of arthritis, the joints might change their shape if right and effective treatment for autoimmune arthritis is not given.
4. Tests are considered only after checking and analysis of patient’s condition and answer to questionnaire (You can also check that on following link They vary from patients to patients and also from doctor to doctor, it is advisable for arthritis patient to check questionnaire and to screen their arthritis first to have better understanding of their arthritis. Some of common tests are x-rays and blood tests. (You can also check that on following link to determine test for arthritis

Treatment for Arthritis

Treatment for arthritis determine on the symptoms patients displays for arthritis. The affected joints, age, hereditary factors, severity of pain, range of motion, daily activities and other arthritis factors. The job and occupation also are major aspects that has to be taken under consideration before making arthritis treatment schedule.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatment

The treatment of arthritis should be based on symptoms and cause for arthritis, the focus of whole treatment should be based on treatment of arthritis not on pain reduction. The pain reduction is also important but the focus of arthritis treatment should be based on cause of arthritis not the symptom of it. There are forms of arthritis like Osteo Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which can not be cured in general cases, so the focus should on pain reduction and comfort with prevention of further damage.

Lifestyle is major factor which leads to Osteo Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it is not possible to improve condition without medication and suitable diet & arthritis exercise. Diet & exercise are more effective way to treat osteo arthritis as diet certainly helps in reducing inflammation around joints, specially avoiding nightshade vegetables. would recommend to use medications as source of additional aid for exercise & diet rather exercise & diet as additional aid to medications.

Arthritis Exercise

Exercise for arthritis

Exercise for arthritis are best source to improve bone strength and maintain muscle strength. Exercise aids arthritis patients in regaining range of motion, relieve pain, resolve problem of stiffness and Fatigue. The exercises should be selected by arthritis patients with their comfort level and age. Physio therapist only aids them in designing exercises according arthritis patient needs, the arthritis exercise program should focus on following points

1. Improving strength of muscles and joints
2. Improvement in range of motion of muscles and joints
3. Simple and light aerobic exercises for continuous motions

For arthritis knee joint exercise images check following link
For arthritis neck exercise or cervical spondylosis exercise images check following link
For arthritis lower back pain exercise or sciatica pain exercise images check following link

Physio therapist could also apply heat pads and ice pads to affected joints for arthritis treatment whenever they are needed. Physio therapist could also aid exercise program with support devices for checking alignment of bones after arthritis, they might also consider therapies like water therapy, massage, kai-chee and other therapies.

Mental stress is also another reason behind arthritis, so doctors also suggest comfortable sleep of 8 to 9 hours in night. They also suggest you to take short naps in daytime to recover from stress and actions that makes problem of arthritis. Other supplementary sleeping suggestion for arthritis patients would be

Sleep on high density mats

Salmon Fish is advisable for arthritis

Salmon Fish for arthritis

Avoid continuous sleeping in single position
Please while sleeping keep pillow under your knees
Refrain positions which lay stress on affected joints.
Try to position your bed near toilet to avoid stress in night.

Ideal Diet for arthritis patient must include
Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Silicon, Zinc and calcium rich diet. Some general tips for

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis Diet

arthritis diet are to avoid following foods high salt, coffee, tea, preservatives, acidic fruits, polished rice, nightshade vegetables, excess alcohol and smoking.

Arthritis patients must include following in their diet
1. Amla or Indian Gooseberry and Turmeric vegetable
2. Aloe vera Juice and soy products
3. Green vegetables, beans, root vegetables and seaweeds
4. Citrus Fruits, walnuts and kiwi fruit
5. Egg Yolks and cold water fish like salmon and others
6. Pumpkin seeds

arthritis and green tea

arthritis and green tea

7. Strawberries and pineapple
8. Almonds, mushrooms, pecans and blueberries
9. Barley and wholegrain cereals
10. Millet, oats
11. Garlic, avocado and green tea
12. Prunes, Brazil nuts and nuts wheat germ
13. Beef
14. Sprouts
15. Glucosamine and sunflower oil

Other effective measures for arthritis patients are
1. Try to lose weight
2. Apply capsaicin cream or Azadirachta indica oil in night to the joints with inflammation and pain. You will definitely feel improvement in arthritis pain and inflammation
3. Eat a healthy rich diet that includes vitamins, zinc, minerals, fruits and vegetables that fulfill all the needs (You can also check that on following link to determine diet for arthritis
4. Take the building blocks of cartilage that aids in improving arthritis symptoms. Glucosamine and chondroitin are readily available at all stores, they are safe to use and are very effective. They have shown signs of improvements in many arthritis patients.

Medications for arthritis patients

Medicines for arthritis

arthritis Medicines

Medications are always prescribed by doctors however there are certain medications are available for arthritis patients that can be taken by without doctor’s prescription, they are

1. Aspirin- These are NSAIDs that are effective in suppressing arthritis pain. These medications should not be included in treatment for longer run as they have some side affects also like stomach ulcers, kidney damage and others. These medicines are approved by FDA with warning and patients with kidney issues or digestion problem should avoid taking it.
2. Tylenol, Acetaminophen- These are initial medicines which can be taken by any arthritis patient. Arthritis patients can intake upto 8 grams daily to feel significant relief in joint pain. These medications have minor side effects and can be taken for longer run. (Note: Do not intake alcohol with medicine)

Medication with prescription for arthritis patients are
1. Immunosuppressants- These drugs are used to suppress immune system activity in arthritis patients specially for rheumatic cases. Medicince like azathioprine, Cyclosporin, Copaxone are example of Immunosuppressants medications are used when there is no other medicine have worked out.

2. Biologics- These medications are now-a-days used for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Stelara, Enbrel, Rituxan, Cimzia are some example of Biologics medicines that are injected in body and are supervised by doctor to improve life of rheumatoid arthritis patients.

3. NSAIDs- These medications aids in suppressing inflammation around joints by enzyme known as COX-2. These medicines have found to report side affects but still some of them are in use in market. Celebrex is NSAIDs that is commonly found and prescribed by doctors to patients.

4. Steroids- These drugs are used to treat patients with arthritis in later stages. These medicines suppress both inflammation around joints and as well as immune system. These medications have severe side affects gastrointestinal bleeding and others, the risk of side affects are more when taken for long duration.

5. Anti-rheumatic drugs- Imuran, Rheumatrex and Methotrexate are example of anti rheumatic drugs that are used for treatment of autoimmune forms of arthritis. The chemical composition of these drugs are mostly penicillamine and gold salts, these medicines have toxic nature and can be taken under only supervision of doctor.

All the medicines should be taken as suggested and prescribed by doctor for best results in all forms of arthritis.

Arthritis joint replacement surgery and tissue surgery
Patients with extreme case of arthritis joint pain are also considered for joint replacement which is commonly known as arthroplasty. Arthroplasty is process of replacing joints with artificial joints made of steel to maintain daily routine activity. This surgery is last alternative suggested by doctors when no treatment and alternatives are feasible for arthritis patient.
In some initial cases of arthritis doctor also suggest connective tissue surgery. The other common alternative is injected gel type fluid in affected joints where sufficient synovial fluid is not present or produced by body. It aids in only delaying arthritis joint replacement surgery and it should be clear that artificial joint fluids are only temporary solution.

Outlook of arthritis
There are limited forms or types of arthritis that can be entirely cured by treatment. Nearly all arthritis are long term and objective of arthritis treatment is to suppress the joint pain and prevent any further damage. So that is why it is said “Is there any cure for arthritis”. Arthritis pain increases and decreases from hour to hour and climate to climate, it is mostly felt in rainy season.

Dilemma and Complications due to arthritis
1. Long term chronic pain in joints and muscles
2. Additional Stress on one side of body
3. Disability
4. Has major effect on nerves around affected joints in body

When to reach doctor
1. If pain in joints prevail for more than 72 hours
2. You have unusual fever or reduction in weight from past few weeks
3. When you feel intense pain around joints
4. Continuous crickling sound in joint from 10 days
5. The joints are swollen for more than 48 hours
6. When you red skin and you feel hot due to touch
7. Your range of motion has drastically reduced

Anticipation and Prevention of arthritis

Anticipation and Prevention of arthritis

Prevention of arthritis

Patients can avoid joint damage only if you and your doctor is able to diagnose arthritis early. Check if someone in your family is already suffering from any form of arthritis and you also any symptoms for arthritis joint pain than you should immediately consult with arthritis specialist to avoid arthritis.

If patient is overweight, the chances for arthritis in hips and knees are more, person should immediately take steps to reduce weightOsteo arthritis is also caused because of injuries, so patients should check regular injuries in same area. Regular injuries lead to further damage and converts into arthritis in later stages.

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