Arthritis symptoms- Cure your arthritis, a perfect arthritis analysis before a doctor diagnosis

October 2, 2010 in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

This chart clearly reflects recent trend found in arthritis patients, the stats covers all the major factors responsible for arthritis in patients. A research on arthritis patients by team presented interesting  facts in graphical presentation which they found in patients who have shown initial symptoms of arthritis. The people can certainly cure arthritis at very initial stage, even before a doctor can diagnosis it, this chart explains and covers recent trends reflected in arthritis patients. There are certain measures like exercise and many more which could reduce chance of arthritis. For more details email us on or

"Arthritis symptoms and arthritis cure"

this chart displays various cause related to early arthritis

The stats depicted very interesting results like men in late 30’s with weight around 80 kg have more chances of arthritis than men in 40’s with the same weight. The women in 30’s of weight 65 kg have more chances of arthritis than women in 40’s with 60 kg weight. The overall statistics for both sex reflects high chances around age 50 with weight around 80 kg.

The height of patients was also an very important factor when comes to arthritis, male patients with height less than 170 cm and women with height less than 140 cm are have less chances of arthritis. The male patients with BMI less than 22 and women with less than 20 are less prone to arthritis.

The research report has also found that people who are low in Vitamin D have high arthritis rate in their late 50’s. The statistics are really awakening for people who are have same figures, it is very important to realise the facts and look for alternative measure to cure arthritis. Another easy way to slow down growth of RA in body is to avoid vegetable that grows in night, these vegetables are known as nightshade vegetables. Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes are few among them, these vegetable have an toxic nature which increases inflammating pain in joints.

The people can certainly cure arthritis at initial stage, even before a doctor can diagnosis it. Really the lifestyle modification is the only available measure which can play an important role in controlling the painful disease.

The symptoms found in initial stage of arthritis are frequent skin infection, pain in lower back, swelling in toes and shoulder pain. If anyone who also face same problem, the world of arthritis is waiting for them. welcomes comments from readers, your feedback is very important for us.

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    this is very interesting chart but i dont understand, how a man in 30’s has more chances than man in 40’s

  • Ankush K. (admin)

    These stats show that a man in 30’s with same weight have more chances of displaying arthritis in initial stage than the man in 40’s. The man in 30’s with weight 80 will definitely have to suffer a longer duration when compared to man in 40’s.

    For eg a man at 32 with weight 80 can show symptoms of arthritis at 36
    a man at 40 with weight 80 can show symptoms of arthritis at 42
    So there is always a chance for man in 30’s with weight 80 to show initial symptoms and become a sufferer

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