Air Conditioner Cooling’s adverse effect on Arthritis Joint Pain, Get Natural Air for a Perfect Arthritis Cure

July 4, 2012 in Arthritis Treatment

Air Conditioner is found to be one of the main reason for that adversely affect and increased arthritis joint pain in both Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients and Osteo Arthritis Patients in 2013. team researched on several general lifestyle conditions among Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis Patients to find a perfect arthritis cure and pave a way for best arthritis treatment. Our Arthritis Cure team detected that joint pain and inflammation is increased when people are confronted to Air Conditioner directly and arthritis paitents feel sicknesses due to unnatural coldness in the interior room and cars.

Arthritis joint pain inflammation is increased more due to direct blowing of unnatural cold air from Air conditioner and another example to prove is “Increased arthritis joint pain is usually observed in car and traveling”. Air Conditioner increases barometric pressures in the room and car which increases arthritis joint pain and further deteriorate arthritis affected joints, meniscus and decreases gap between two joints of the patient. Air Conditioner controls temperature of surroundings and blow dry air which further increases dryness in the room. Without humid condition arthritis patients feels more pain in joints and AC also increases circulation of air borne disease in the interior room, this condition is specially noticed in cars. Air conditioning has more effect on  rheumatoid arthritis.

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Arthritis Air Conditioner

Cure2arthritis did a research on Effect of Air Conditioner’s (AC) air on arthritis joint pain patients. Our team detected that most of AC’s cannot create humid effect in interior of the room which makes air dry and thus overall effect of AC’s cool air makes joints more painful. We kept 80 arthritis patients under observation for 3 months to check effect of air-conditioning air on joint pain. During our observation, we analyzed arthritis joint pain increases under continuous air conditioning and it also increased toxicity in the interior room and arthritis patients were found to be more prone to immune diseases.

Frequent change in temperature has also increased joint pain specially in females and old age people during our research. Air conditioner is also another major reason behind restless sleep due to cool air that result in tooth grinding, depression and increases sensitivity to climatic changes which deteriorates joints and increases pain.

Arthritis Joint Pain Research Conclusion

Air Conditioner’s cool air circulation increase stiffness in arthritis affected joints and causes swelling around joints, thus use of air conditioner must be avoided or minimized to measure a perfect cure for arthritis. Natural Air is certainly Perfect Arthritis Cure for joint pain patients, it helps in controlling joint swelling and stiffness around them. The other natural remedies for arthritis joint pain are (Click links below to see details)

1. Joint Flexibility Exercises

2. Proper Diet control

3. Inclusion of fruits and Vegetables in routine food

These are best natural remedies to decrease arthritis joint pain in 2013.

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